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Coaching with Tia

The Awakened Heart Journey

Unlock Your Trauma-Free Legacy: Heal, Thrive & Transform


Coaching with Tia

The Awakened Hearts Journey

Unlock Your Trauma-Free Legacy: Heal, Thrive & Transform

Are you ready to break free from the shackles of your past and create a powerful, trauma-free legacy?


Imagine a life filled with radiant health, boundless joy, deeply connected relationships and the freedom to embrace every moment without overwhelming baggage.


It's time to take charge of your journey with the help of a skilled coach who understands your unique challenges and can guide you towards a future of fulfillment and purpose.

Hi, my name is Tia and I'm a survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting and breast cancer. I'm here to tell you there is a way to say goodbye to the weight of trauma and embrace a life that truly reflects the incredible person you are so you can build your living legacy filled with joy, health, love and freedom.

How do I know this is true? Because I've been where you are and come through to the other side.

I carried the heartache, the anger, frustration and loneliness while searching for the solution to "fix me." 

What I discovered is I didn't need "fixing." What I needed was a powerful guide and teacher to show me how to release the trauma - mind, body and soul - so I could create a thriving new normal, an abundant life and create a positive living legacy.

Following my life-altering trauma event - my dark night of the soul - in Las Vegas my PTSD came with behaviors such as binge eating, then restricting food. Over spending. Over indulging in alcohol and shopping. Disconnecting from family and friends. A deep anger and fear within my Being that didn't feel like it belonged to me.

I tried weekly talk therapy for over (4) years which only left me feeling frustrated, and like I was missing out on a big part of my healing. 

What I realized was I was missing a big piece of the healing journey: my physical and spiritual well-being.

As a certified health-coach I knew releasing the trauma from my physical body was as critical to my healing as my mental health.

As a certified Reiki Master & Teacher, I knew releasing the trauma from my spiritual Being, my soul, was critical to building a thriving new normal.

It was through my own healing exploration, going to countless energy healers, retreats, trainings, as well as learning how to trust and love my body again that I developed the Awakened Heart Journey program. 

I created the Awakened Hearts Journey so you can stop chasing after one healing, training, retreat or therapy session after another. 


So you can have the tools to release the trauma, have health, joy, a life of limitless possibilities & create the legacy you know you are meant to leave behind!

What makes working with me different from

everyone else? You'll...

 Create a Clear Vision of Your Trauma FREE LEGACY!

Release Old Habits & Create New Behaviors That Last a Lifetime

Create Daily Practices/ Rituals which Support Your Transformation

Receive Loving, Supportive & Powerful Accountability

Get to the Root of the Matter So You Can Break The Cycle

Develop Resilience & Coping Strategies to Support You on Your Journey to Healing 

Rewrite Your Narrative & Reframe Your Past Gaining Empowerment

Create a Blueprint for Holistic Well-being

"Tia is an amazing coach and trainer with a gentle and inviting demeanor. She consistently provided positive encouragement and praise." Ann Viernes

Now is the time my love.


The time to understand your healing doesn't mean forgetting. It means clearing the trauma from your whole Being - mind, body and soul - so you can create a life of limitless possibilities and the trauma free legacy you know will change the the world.

The time to understand forgiving yourself for being here is one of the most powerful tools you can activate. Why? Because this world needs you, and the Light you have to bring forward.

If you're ready to finally let go of the past, create breakthroughs, move into abundant health, wealth, joy and love then the Awakened Hearts Journey coaching program is for you.

Their Stories

Tia Christiansen | Certified Coach, Speaker & Healer

Tia Christiansen is a spirited, sensitive, and powerful Coach. Tia coached me in developing my Kundalini Yoga teaching practice, and starting my Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coaching practice. The benefits of her coaching have had a ripple effect to all areas of my life--home life, relationships, etc. She not only has given great coaching and good advice, she has connected me with a whole community of like-minded people--a resource in itself! A whole world of possibilities has opened up to me since working with Tia!


The best part--Tia has stayed in touch even after the coaching program has ended, which is great because there are so many breakthroughs that are still happening that I get to share with her!

Jan Marie, Springville, UT

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