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Tia Christiansen | Certified Coach, Speaker & Healer

Get Ready to Spark Your Fire! 

Motivational Keynote Speaker |  Certified Coach | Healer

Hi! I'm Tia Christiansen..


I'm on a Mission to Heal and

 Awaken One Million Hearts!

Today it's so easy to get stuck in the loop of negativity and constantly feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel or it's just another day to get through.

People believe there is no way to live a life of limitless possibilities after a traumatic life-altering event. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it sparkles!


I'm a recovering perfectionist and former negative thinker who not only survived the Las Vegas mass shooting and kicked breast cancer in the butt, I am thriving in life...on fire crafting my future of resiliency and building a trauma-free dynasty!

You know what, you can too. That's why I'm here, to show you the way forward!

During Tia's Keynote Speech & Workshops

Spark Your Fire | Ignite Your Mindset to Be Unstoppable &
Create Powerful Change 

Audiences Will...

Tia Christiansen | Speaker, Coach & Healer

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