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I'm Tia Christiansen
I'm on a Mission to Awaken  One Million Hearts!

I believe that as highly successful driven female entrepreneurs and executives our most natural form of leadership is with feminine power.
This is our authentic way of being.
Hi there and welcome to Dream Sculpting Institute - Awakening Hearts & Reclaiming Power!
Intuitive coaching & energy healing is what I do. Coaching highly successful driven female entrepreneurs and executives to overcome burnout, activate their powerful purpose and create the life they crave is who I am.
I stand for every driven businesswoman whose achieved her goals, but still feels stuck, wants more and knows she is meant for something greater. Why? Because I have been there, and have come through to the other side.
Owning your feminine power is not just a catch phrase, it is a way of life. A way of life that is calling out to you to remember that you have always had the power within you. The power to lead from the heart, use your intuition to guide you every step of the way, and unleash your unique creative genius to create the life you've always craved.
Through my signature system The Awakened Heart you will quantum leap your life by getting crystal clear on your powerful purpose, what steps to take each week and how to unleash your inner oracle by....

  1. Healing the past to create your future

  2. Connecting with & igniting your intuition/inner guidance

  3. Uncovering & activating your unique creative genius

  4. Awakening your heart which allows you to own your Divine Feminine power

The Awakened Heart is a unique customized coaching program with accountability, intuitive coaching and systematic processes designed to create behaviors that last...for a lifetime.

If you have been searching for a holistic approach -  combining body, mind, and soul - to help you step into your power, find fulfillment, freedom, overcome burnout and release overwhelm then the Awakened Heart community is for you!

Ready to get a start, or just plain curious?  CLICK HERE  and let's connect!

"Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It"

Marcus Aurelius

Let's have a relaxed conversation that will allow us to explore where you are right now, where you want to be, what has been stopping you or holding you back from activating your powerful purpose so you can create a life filled with freedom, fulfillment, well-being and energy!

CLICK HERE to schedule a call today to uncover what has been stopping you, or slowing you down from achieving your goals! 

Their Stories


Tia Christiansen is a spirited, sensitive, and powerful Coach. Tia coached me in developing my Kundalini Yoga teaching practice, and starting my Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coaching practice. The benefits of her coaching have had a ripple effect to all areas of my life--home life, relationships, etc. She not only has given great coaching and good advice, she has connected me with a whole community of like-minded people--a resource in itself! A whole world of possibilities has opened up to me since working with Tia!


The best part--Tia has stayed in touch even after the coaching program has ended, which is great because there are so many breakthroughs that are still happening that I get to share with her!

Jan Marie, Springville, Utah


Hands down, Tia is one of the best coaches I’ve encountered. She provided guidance that challenged me to look outside the box and find new perspectives. She pushed me to be accountable to achieve the goals that I set.

The results I achieved were life-changing. 

Kathleen, Boulder, Colorado

C3 Helicopter.jpeg

Tia’s coaching helped me shift my old habits into new positive ways of being. Her simple weekly reminders to look at what IS going well helped me completely shift the way I think even to this day. I found Tia’s coaching not only worked on the conscious level but on the subconscious as well. Insights would unfold week after week and I was amazed at how easy it was to change! Each week I was able to set goals that were manageable, fit within my very busy schedule, and created REAL change in my life. I now work with a trainer, regularly workout, changed my eating habits, and she even tricked me into meditating more than once…which I now enjoy!

Tia helped me uncover my true vision for life which is now the driver for my career and personal goals.

In short, Tia’s subtle way of guiding you through your stories to a positive way of being, locking in new behaviors, helping you uncover how to increase your energy, and live in your vision is life changing!

Carl, San Diego, California

Lia Holland

Tia's thoughtful reflections and fantastic listening skills made our Discovery session a powerful opportunity to see parts of myself in a new light. Her questions were the kind of questions that you wish someone would ask you, but you've never heard before. During our session, I was able to own a barrier to my physicality and make a plan to address this barrier right away. Nothing should hold me back. I am on the path to reclaiming the power of my full physical well-being. Thank you Tia!

Lia Holland, Portland, Oregon

Tia is the perfect blend of true caring, knowledge and accountability. Tia's ability to ask questions that make you stop, and think in a completely new way is a one of a kind skill - perfect for a coach! It is not easy to make changes on our own. I loved being held accountable week after week while being supported in a way that was tailored for me. I was able to see new choices that I had not see as options before, and really feel I am on the right track with not only my health, but my overall sense of well-being.  I walked away with a clear understanding that it really IS all about taking care of your self, learning how to overcome what is keeping you stuck, and I was able to do that with Tia's coaching.

Leda O'Callaghan, Newtown, Connecticut

I met Tia while I was researching a documentary about methods that help people with various forms of PTSD and had not heard of Reiki being something helpful so I tried it myself and was amazed at how hot her hands became seemingly out of nowhere. For me, it was like I went to the Apple Store Genius Bar and she found the "Restart" button .  I don't know where I went but when she let me know to come back slowly I was like a more clear, newer version of myself.  Or the real version of myself without anything in the way.  So calm, so present, so refreshed.  So clear. I highly recommend you reset yourself and re meet your life by working with Tia Christiansen!

Nancy Dionne, Manhattan, NY

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