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Tia Christiansen | Egyptian Aura Healing - King Solomon Lineage

7 Layer Egyptian Aura Healing

The 7-Layer Egyptian Aura Healing is a powerful shamanic ceremony during which you receive healings for the 7-layers of the first layer of your aura.

After calling in the Egyptian family of Ra including Isis and Osiris, I'll deeply connect with each layer of your Aura to transmit healing energy, re-organize the layer with sacred geometry and clear trauma that has built up over time.

Your energy field will literally be re-shaped to hold and contain the new reality of your choosing! This means what you set as an intention before our session will be created during this powerful ceremony.

This is an incredible technique for aligning the body, mind and soul to create what you truly desire. 


  • Increased Energy

  • Mental Clarity

  • Connection with Higher Self

  • Self-Confidence

  • Clearer sense of Purpose & Direction in Life

  • Stronger Connection with the Divine & Spirit


Healing and balancing the energies found within the 1st seven layers of your aura, including

  • Spirit Level

  • Thinker Level

  • Soul Level

  • Astral Level

  • Planning Level

  • Dreamer Level

  • Action Level

Recalibrating and healing your aura supports you in quantum leaping your manifesting ability to create that which you truly desire.

The 7-Layer Egyptian Aura Healing shamanic ritual comes from the ancient lineage of King Solomon which is over 3,000 years old.

Fee | $145/session which lasts 75-90 minutes 

LOCATION | All sessions are held in person at Sisu Wellness Center, 247 Northampton St., Suite 3, Easthampton, MA 01027

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