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It’s time to feel inspired again

Break free of what's been holding you back, reclaim your divine sovereign power and heal intergenerational family wounds through the power of sacred ritual.

It's time for the

Red Thread Through Line Experience

Maybe you've been struggling to step into your most powerful self? To connect with the magic you know lives deep within your soul and drives you. You know you have the potential for more in this life, but you just can’t seem to harness it.

During this ritual journey, I’ll guide you to awaken your unique creative genius,

heal your intergenerational family wounds and you'll receive your unique Awakened Heart codes. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and inspired to create the life you crave filled with freedom, fulfillment and love - starting immediately!

* RTTL on Sept. 17th is a special extended 2 Hour Journey featuring Cosmic Smash Booking™ 

Reclaim your magic


"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

- Caroline Myss -

How you'll heal your feminine energy & lineage

Activate Creativity

Through the Ritual of Cosmic

Smash Booking™

During the Sept.17th 2022 extended

Journey experience

CSB is a playful and powerful experience which allows you to deeply connect with your intuition, muse and inner wisdom by activating your innate connection with color and image.

With your inner wisdom and intuition leading the way, you become your own oracle receiving answers from deep within.

Gain Clarity

Through Red Thread Through Line Ritual

As I guide you to your ritual room, through the passages of your experiences, and into the heart of Isis' ritual cave you will perceive the ancestral chords of connection - Red Threads - that are ready for healing.

While in this sacred container you will trace the Red Threads, clear the unbalanced energy and bring that healed energy into the present. This process creates a clear path - ancestral lineage - for you and your family now and into the future.

Receive Your Codes

Through transmission of the Awakened Heart codes

During the Sept.17th 2022 extended

Journey experience


As an Awakened Heart Activator and your guide, energy codes attuned specifically to support you on your healing journey will be activated within your being.

The Awakened Heart codes clear blockages from your ethereal field allowing your true power center - your heart - to upgrade its frequency and vibration which amplifies self-love, trust and faith.


60 Min & 2 Hour Virtual Experiences


RTTL 1-HOUR Experience:
Aug. 18 | Nov. 16 | Dec. 22

  • Time: 7pm EDT | 4pm PDT | 12am UK

  • Length: 1 Hour  

  • Venue: Zoom

RTTL 2-HOUR Journey:
Sept. 17

  • Time: 1pm EDT | 10am PDT | 6pm UK

  • Length: 2 Hours Featuring Cosmic Smash Booking™ 

  • Venue: Zoom

Session Flow

RTTL Experience

  • Opening Meditation

  • Guided Red Thread Through Line Ritual Healing


  • Opening Meditation

  • Ancestral Healing with Cosmic Smash Booking™ 

  • Guided Red Thread Through Line Ritual Healing

Meet Tia.

I'm your intuitive Energy Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Awakened Heart Activator and Certified Cosmic Smash Book Guide™. 


I'm leading a revolution of healing through ritual experiences, energy work and customized coaching programs designed to teach high achieving entrepreneurs and executives  how to igniting their feminine power, overcome burnout, overwhelm and create the life they crave.

I also work with Diamond Light energy and am a 2nd Step Initiate in the lineage of King Solomon

I specialize in the Transformational Coaching Method (TCM), am a master of habit change, and a master at helping you transform your fear which allows you to fully connect with your vision and ensures your success is inevitable.

TChristiansen_A (1).jpg

Reclaim your power to create
a life filled with freedom, fulfillment & love!

Claim your divinely held spot today!


"Step out of the circle of time and

into the circle of love"

- Rumi -

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