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Adrenal Blowout - My Story

Have you ever been so exhausted that when you tried to dig deep, there was just nothing left?

You think having another cup of coffee, or an energy drink, or that cookie should do the trick – right? The truth is that you know you will just crash a few hours later. And honestly, this cycle just isn’t working for you anymore. What if taking real care of yourself was the greatest solution to this energy shortage?

To say I have been an over achieving Type A all of my life would be an understatement!

I attended Oxford via an academic scholarship for a 1 year accelerated graduate program, at the age of 26 was already the Accounting Manger for a $50 million construction company AND was the first female to have a seat on their board of directors! I have been a lead at 2 fortune-500 companies, was the owner of a very successful festival & custom event production company for over 15 years, was the art director for a very prestigious music festival, produced countless NYE midnight moments for nationally recognized bands, and have traveled throughout the US and Europe producing shows in the music industry.

Yes. I have been an extremely busy professional my entire adult life!

There I was a mover and shaker, plate spinner, ball juggler, AND hanging out with some of the coolest people in the music industry. All of a sudden my body just stopped.

I was EXHAUSTED. I don’t mean tired, but EXHAUSTED, and irritable, and nauseous. Nothing helped – not food, vitamins, rest, hydrating and that extra cup of coffee wasn’t doing the trick either.

All I needed was sleep. We’re talking 12+ hours a day. This went on for well over a month.

I finally made an appointment with a doctor. It could not have been more than 15 minutes into my visit when the doctor told me she was sure I had adrenal blowout.

What the HECK is that? Right? Sounds horrifying! I would later learn that our adrenal glands are responsible for producing adrenalin, maintaining internal organ functionality, and hormone balance. AND our body only produces a finite amount of adrenaline before there simply is none left.

I also learned that adrenal issues were (and still are) affecting women in epidemic proportions.

What causes our adrenals to be depleted? Being under stress, even low amounts, for long periods of time with little to no sleep, relaxation, or rest in general.

Just how bad was this “blowout?” Put it this way a month later during a follow up session with my doctor she said to me, “Great News! Your test results indicate you are on the very bottom of the bell curve for normal.” I thought – where the heck was I on that bell curve before??

This incident was my body yelling at me to pay attention. I had been ignoring the signs for months, and months. I had clients that needed attention, and deadlines to meet. I’m sure you can relate – right?!

I have spent 6 years developing a strategy to support my body, while continuing my fast paced life - which I love! I have embraced energy healing modalities such as Reiki, had regular acupuncture treatments, have been on a Chinese herb regimen, was a raw foodist, kicked caffeine, decreased my sugar intake, and spent a LOT of time reading up on ways to balance my body’s energy.

The more I read the more I came to understand that there is no singular approach to a healthy energized body. We are all UNIQUE beings. And this means each of us needs a customized self care program.

Then it struck me. The message could not have been clearer. With all I had learned I NEEDED to take my experience and share it with others. It is my mission to help others so they do not have to struggle to find a solution that best fits them.

If you are experiencing extreme fatigue, or any of the symptoms I describe above it is important to see your doctor, and ask about adrenal depletion. You are not alone on this journey. I am here to offer my expertise, and be your guide to a life of health, wellness, and energy by offering you a customized self-care program while on the go.

One simple step you can take right now is to go to the Hook Me Up Tab!, sign up for my newsletter, and receive your FREE Double My Energy Today! download. It can take only a few simple steps to feel progress. Why not start today?

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