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My Reiki Story

Reiki and Wellness Benefits

In my last post I discussed the benefits of Reiki for increasing our energy. In this post I will share my personal reasons for offering Reiki to clients.

Simply put, it is my desire that every person experience heightened energy, an overall sense of well-being, awareness, connectedness to all that is, and the healing power Reiki has to offer. The deeper my own energy healing progressed, the more I craved to share my experience with everyone I knew. Then it hit me one day. I was being called to become attuned (trained) to the Reiki system of natural healing in order to take it out in the world!

Wait - WHAT?! Being called? Starting to sound a little “woo woo?” Well, hang on to your hat because we are just getting started!

In an upcoming “My Energy Story” video I will share my healing journey following an adrenal blow out diagnosis which was about eight years ago. Not depletion, or fatigue. But blow out. It was what I call my Arianna Huffington moment. Arianna describes her wakeup moment in Thrive (great book!) which was the day she stood up from her desk only to pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Our adrenal glands are responsible for proper internal organ functionality, hormone balance, and for producing adrenalin. After my diagnosis I spent years experimenting with my diet, vitamins, Chinese herbs, received regular acupuncture treatments, and also learned to simply take a nap when I needed to do so

Then a little over two years ago I scheduled my first Reiki treatment in an effort to get my adrenals to a THRIVE mode, not just survive. The overall sense of well-being, and deep relaxation was unlike anything I had experienced before. Not even after meditation, or yoga.

After a few follow up sessions I had one of the most profound experiences of my life. It was as if the doors to my inner wisdom, and connection to that which is greater than us were completely blown off their hinges! That day I discovered, empirically, that Reiki can also be a path to deep spiritual awakening for those who seek such things. I told my practitioner Margarita (who became my Reiki teacher, is a dear friend, and is one of THE top healers in Manhattan) what I experienced. Margarita smiled and said “you must have been ready for it.”

Reiki healing energy is not controlled by the practitioner, but channeled to the patient for optimum healing on whatever level they are ready. Reiki healing energy also has an innate knowing which allows it to sense what the patient truly needs, is seeking, and is ready to experience at the subconscious level. In my case I was ready for the awakening moment I experienced.

Some months after my first session I knew I was meant to offer Reiki to my clients, and began the training process. This December I will be attuned at the Master/Teacher level which is the highest certified training offered. Every day I am humbled by what I learn while working with Reiki healing energy.

So, to put it all in a nutshell at bare minimum you will experience deep relaxation, an overall sense of well-being, and centeredness after a Reiki treatment. At most….well that is up to you!

If you are ready to experience the healing energy of Reiki CLICK HERE to book an appointment. Curious, and want to know more? Send me an email! I love talking with people about the amazing experience that is Reiki.

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