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Coaching Programs

Activate Your Powerful Purpose is a 6-month coaching program designed to support you in awakening your powerful purpose.

AYPP is a unique customized group coaching program with accountability, intuitive coaching and systematic processes designed to support you with tapping into your innate wisdom so you may fully step forward as the powerful creator and oracle you have

always been.

This program is for you if you are ready to quantum leap your life, overcome burnout, release overwhelm and dive deeply into the stories that are holding you back. 


to email me for more details


60 MINS | $155.00

During the Awakened Heart Tune Up you will experience a personalized spiritual and energy tune up to support your health, clarity of mind, and physical well-being.


60 MINS | $155.00

What if you could meet your future self and see her in all her glory? You can!

During this 60 minute session you will be guided through a deep journey to your future. The one where you stand fully in your Divine Feminine power, have overcome burnout, released overwhelm, are living the life you crave, but feels out of reach.

You will receive an activation (a transmutation of energy at the cellular level) to support you in connecting with your unique Feminine power so you are crystal clear on next steps, what support looks like for you and are able to sense that power within your physical body.

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